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The energy industry is one of the quickest changing of all industries. New regulations and new technologies that have been developed around the new sustainability demands, have changed the focus on investment of these industries, switching to renewable sources of energy. Also the increased access to technologies like solar panels have made customers able to participate in energy generation, generating in this way new and more complex challenges in logistics. 


Natural gas has become a pretty versatile and massively used energy source, especially in latam countries. Gas has become an important alternative in a wide variety of sectors, competing directly with almost every other source of energy. This rapid growth and expansion of this industry comes with challenges as fluctuating prices, emerging regulations and environmental concerns that must be faced.


Nowadays, due to the environmental issues the world is facing, it has become a massive challenge to provide water and wastewater services at a reasonable cost and in an efficient and sustainable manner. Due to this, we’ve committed to provide the best solutions and support to the utility companies working on this industrie, assuring an optimization of their resources and easing their logistics.

Case Studies



Using Oracle, we developed a dashboard and advanced commercial systems, to automate processes for an energy company. Also, we created an app that monitors energy demand on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Also the software allows .


We’ve developed multiple solutions for this company. Through different projects, we’ve created CRM solutions and other .NET platforms. These projects included integration between the web app.



Cedenar, Triple A y Air-e:

In the time being, we have implemented on multiple utilities companies the SUI (Unified Information System, in Spanish) reports generation, where the reported information from the providing companies and the local entities is.


We work on level 1 and 2 support for Open Smartflex Platform, where we attend issues related to every module of critical impact to the business such as consumption management, billing, collection, accounting, among others. Also, we have developed.