Female empowerment
in the technology sector

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Every day the inclusion of women in the workplace grows faster. Today, women have access to higher education, better health systems, decent and well-paid work, innovation, the creation of value and therefore to activities 

that seek to empower them and allow them to develop a broader social role. In the professional field and specifically in the technology sector, a masculinized environment for technical careers and ICTs continues to be evidenced, which has generated unattractive stereotypes for women who could dedicate themselves to technology, therefore girls and young women do not think about studying computer science, multimedia engineering or electronic engineering, rather they tend to focus on more social and human careers, which makes it necessary to give greater visibility to these types of professions and to the women who lead these types of sectors.

According to Unesco reports, only 3% of women students of higher education decide to study in the field of communication and information technologies and in the global workplace there is a marked gap in female participation in the technology sector, since approximately 20% of the jobs in the industry are held by women, however, we are living a new reality driven by the arrival of women in our industry that has now been favored by working at home, allowing women to fulfill their labor and domestic obligations simultaneously without having diminished their quality at work, on the contrary, demonstrating greater effectiveness and commitment to these tasks.

At Olsoftware we have maintained a constant flow of female hiring through the last 6 years and we continue this so that they have a presence in positions of great responsibility. Today of eight management positions, four are led by women and these in turn have other women on their teams who play vital roles for the good performance of the organization, promoting the development of programming skills, allowing them to create solutions for all kinds problems and promote critical thinking, which allows, in this way, to promote the reduction of gender gaps and between women themselves, by connecting them from their essence of woman, of mother if it is the case, to generators of knowledge and capabilities.

Our women have a professional and personal profile that makes them unique, with leadership skills and positive vision. They promote collaborative actions that encourage their work groups and allow the company to have a comprehensive vision of the technological world, without forgetting to build a social network in the company of men that gives value to diversity to be more innovative and relevant in the visualization of the near future, as well as the constant search for alliances with academic entities and others in the tech sector, thus promoting female talent.

Therefore, it is important that from the team of selection and hiring, we dismantle stereotypes and prejudices, removing sex discrimination in the hiring process, thus establishing gender equity practices.

There is still a way to go to generate changes of attitude in the medium and in the genre, where their way of seeing the world and addressing their own challenges stays, however, we are convinced that this experience and subsequent ones will generate a gradual change of thought that leads to rethinking positions and convictions regarding gender equality in the business sector.

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