OL Solutions

Applications Support

This service consists in helping our clients with support attention, maintenance, and improvement of their applications, with a specialized support team, using excellent quality service offering oriented methodologies, and fulfilling the service level agreements according to their necessities. 

The main benefits from the applications support service are:

Software Factory

Software development based on our clients necessities, where the main objective is to include the whole life cycle of a project, from the requirements identification up to a high quality technological solution. 

Our consultants help our clients to have a personalized system with the information, requirements and functionalities needed by the  company, avoiding the unnecessary functions; our software designs are both simple and intuitive and adapted to each organization, and our services provide flexibility when the time comes to choose the technologies to be used.

Staff Augmentation

We strengthen the work teams from our clients for an optimal process understanding. In this context, the staff augmentation service is the best option. OLSoftware has highly  trained staff that stands out because of their excellent job and their high degree of commitment to achieve their goals. 

This service allows your organization to increase their work team with specific staff for specific tasks, for each project, at reasonable cost and with the technical capacities required for your business, without the necessity of signing long term contracts.

Data Analytics

We offer data analytics services so our clients can use the information from their processes to make predictions and decisions that allows them to increase their growth ratio and to achieve the expected results. 

This service seeks to generate value for the company at all levels. Some of the benefits that could be produced from the analytics processes are:

Technological development is a fast growing industry on LATAM, which means that outsourcing with latinamerican companies can provide the quality you expect for your company in any project or product that is being developed.